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When the city is viewed from a height at night , The outline is complete and clear, which intuitively reflects the shape and scale of the city., paying attention to the function and meaning of the lighting setting, combining modern lighting technology for artistic creation, and then simulating it by computer 3D software Dynamic real scenes allow customers to appreciate the effects of landscape lighting in advance to meet various lighting requirements. The outline of the city in daylight is determined by the shape, color and shadow of the

building's edge. In the city at night, under the colorful LED decoration outdoor lighting decoration, it can show a very different view from the daytime, even more beautiful than the daytime. Led decorative outdoor lights are pure white and elegant, or beating and changing; colorful, or revolving and shining.

Led decorative outdoor lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, fast to use, rich in colors, and diverse in shapes. The urban LED decorative outdoor lighting at night clearly outlines China decorative yard light suppliers the outline of the city, which is obviously different from the surrounding area.

The design of led decorative outdoor lights is based on customer requirements, combined with customer site conditions, local cultural characteristics, etc. For outdoor LED decorative outdoor lights, three-color energy-saving lamps, LED lights, etc. The shape is elegant and unique, with profound meaning, or it can be compared to a mascot, or imitate a certain scenery, or reflect the local cultural characteristics. are usually used as light source options

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